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About the Boardroom v Classroom Challenge

The Boardroom v Classroom Challenge aims to bring enterprising North East businesses together with the next generation to work together in a creative and fun way to raise the profile of green innovation, and demonstrate that there are solutions and commercial opportunities. 

Some of the projects included in last year's Challenge included developing a prototype for an environmentally-friendly tent to camp in luxury, also known as ‘glamping'; and using a decommissioned NASA space shuttle heat shield to develop a product that recovers energy rather than losing it.

There is no doubt that moving to a low-carbon and resilient economy offers significant commercial opportunities and this initiative teams up local innovative businesses with the next generation to demonstrate this, make their ideas a reality, and spark ideas and innovations that can be shared more widely.

If a low-carbon economy is to become a reality then young people have a crucial role to play. From a corporate responsibility perspective, this initiative is valuable to those individual businesses taking part, as it provides an opportunity to share their expertise more directly in local communities, and in turn, allows young people to really use their creativity to solve climate change challenges in an entrepreneurial way.

The Boardroom v Classroom Challenge is run in partnership by ClimateNE and the Climate Change Schools Project.

  • ClimateNE provides a number of practical ways to help North East businesses to identify and avoid risk, build resilience and realise the commercial opportunities associated with climate change.
  • The award-winning Climate Change Schools Project offers businesses the opportunity to heighten the visibility of their brand and associate it with their CSR aims and objectives.

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